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Customer Satisfaction Standards

We realize the importance of home decor items. Every detail influences your living space in subtle and acute ways. While the theme of kitchen peninsula can influence interactions among family and friends, living room setting can create the mood for endless conversations. We are continuously adding more functional rugs to the inventory. This includes rugs made from the most resilient fabric blend options with the aim of providing a soft underfoot and withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations or extremely high footfalls.

Customers are always a strong foundation for our business. It is our mission to develop lasting and profitable relationships with them. We believe in working towards meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. To be more precise, our mission at Maple Homes is to provide the choicest flooring products for your home at the best prices. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with the quality of products that they receive at their end. We are committed to delivering a delightful shopping experience for our customers. With all these years of expertise in the industry, it is our passion to be an outstanding carpet retailer.

Redefining Rug Shopping Experiences: Design excellence is a priority for us – we are inspired by the newest trends in fashion, art and interior decor. We understand buying rugs online isn’t easy – which is why we go to great extents to create detailed pictures so that you can get as close to the real thing as possible. Our in-house technology team continues to dig deeper into rug buying online searches and browsing patterns to make the layout more customer friendly and thus offer a seamless experience. You can search our vast range instantly by filtering the exact color, style and size you are looking for. We continue to populate each rug category and the products listed in it with more relevant information to induce a better-informed buying experience.

Connecting with Real Rug Experts Online: At Maple Home, we pride ourselves for offering unrivaled customer care and a distinctive selling environment. Our promise to you is to provide the best selection in a welcoming, comfortable and cooperative atmosphere. Expect the quality flooring perfectly suitable for your lifestyle and budget. We keep ourselves tuned to the latest and finest style trends to provide you the choicest combination of carpets and tapestries.

Helping You Shop Better Lifestyle Choices: From contemporary to traditional, ordinary to extra ordinary, we go out of our way to find designs from across the world that will make your floor look fantastic! You can place an order and search through our extensive inventory of name brand clothing, designer apparel, family fashion, home linens, area rugs and everyday household appliances! Our huge collection, optimum quality, superior customer service combined with the ease of online shopping, make it easier to find exactly what you want at unparalleled prices.