About HexaVision – Maple Home

About us

Maple Home is a niche home decor and furnishing business with unique offerings of carpet and other essential home adornments. "Furnish My Place" is our proudly owned brand that brings to your fold boutique rugs at a modest price point. Located in the serene and tranquil Canadian city of Guelph, Ontario, we offer an eclectic collection of rugs meant for home and workspace. A dynamic, innovative and ethical company, Maple Home is driven by excellence, quality and process craftsmanship.

Offering Inspired Lifestyle Choices

Fueled by innovation and committed to design, Maple Home inspires luxury and style in the world of home decor. Day in and day out, we’re invigorated by the challenge of creating new approaches in what we do and deliver. By combining design with exclusive technologies and great vision, we make sure to bring to you finest floor coverings which are more colorful and customizable, resilient and longer lasting, luxurious and sustainable.

Biggest Online Space for Every Rug Style Out There

Our collection will keep reinventing for you to explore more style, designs and tones, ensuring that you find rugs and products perfect for every setting. We emphasis on quality, we continue to groom this collection with more choices, including accessories such as throws, decorative pillows, rug pads, stair treads, window treatments, etc. and other alluring home decor items. This is where rugs in scallop, hearth, kidney, octagon, oval, round, rectangular, and square shapes converge, ensuring bigger rugs and those meant for space-conscious interiors are always in stock, ready to be shipped for free to an address of your choice as complied with our terms and conditions.

Home Decor Options that Continue to Engage & Mesmerize

You can find beautifully fitting rugs and other home accessories on our website best suited for indoor, outdoor, hallway, entry, patio and all your essential spaces. Updated regularly by a team seasoned professionals from the home decor industry, our collection will spoil you for choices. Expect rugs of every fashion, from trendsetters to emerging favorites, from eternal classics to slightly outlandish options. The themes continue to change as every season, new inspirations emerge and our team of experts handpicks the best options for you. Our shags along with luxurious, plush rugs and upscale, novelty rugs have been constant bestsellers and we hope to build upon this momentum with more sizing and pattern choices.

Enviable Product Diversity

Our range is driven by a simple thought that discerning buyers should find something they truly admire and need. You have the possibility to browse through around a varied range of carpets in different categories, styles and sizes. The eclectic selection ranges from nomadic, classic to contemporary carpets and the most exclusive silken shags. Our collection also brings variety of playful and vivid rugs for kid’s rooms, playing area rugs and solid color rugs that are versatile enough to be placed in almost any part of your home. We are perennially scouting for something better, from small-scale production pieces to handmade works with thoughtful designs and exclusive ideas—we have an eye to identify something that will definitely engage you!

Global Home Furnishings Enterprise with Canadian Roots

We are a Canada-based business and take pride in the valued relationships we have established with our suppliers and vendors across the nation. We continue to network with more local Canadian businesses that conform with our standards for quality. Our presence continues to grow across metropolitan locations like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, New Brunswick, Montreal and GTA areas. Surrounding provinces are increasingly exploring our inventory with many regional businesses wanting to set-up mutual collaborations with us.

We are aggressively expanding in the global niche, using the online platform to position ourselves as the preferred home furnishings provider with a significant pricing advantage. Our sourcing ecosystem is equally unique, procuring décor items beyond mainstream options too, including antique pieces or artisan-like creations from cottage industries in developing nations like India. From contemporary chic to Canadian-made, West Coast styled accent pieces to hand-crafted items from international destinations, our procurement specialists ensure there is always something to catch your attention.