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Today people are more concerned than ever about their lifestyle standards and their fashion sense. Fashionable and modern home decor is getting immense popularity among home owners and everyone wants his/her home to look smarter than others. Geometric Area Rugs come in various interesting patterns like diamonds, Greek key, and Moroccan. Although, medallion area rugs are also in demand but geometric area rugs are one of the best contemporary rugs, which use interesting geometric patterns incorporated with amazing colors.

Let’s have a look at different modern geometric rug ideas for your home or office.
Classy and Modern Greek Key Rugs
Greek Key or Meander design is a modern art, which is basically a decorative border constructed in a continuous line to form a shape of repeated motif. A cream or beige colored Geometrical Greek key area rug will look perfect in a living room with cream colored sofas and pillows with black center table.
Abstract Rugs with a Cool Color Combination of Blue, Black and Grey
These abstract contemporary geometrical rugs in color combination of blue, black, and grey are perfect for any modern-styled room decor, whether for your office room, living room, or bedroom. This cool combination of three colors will look great especially on wooden finish floor with a glass center table, blue pillows and brown sofas.
Soft and Shaggy Moroccan Geometric Rugs
Whether you are shopping for a Persian style carpet or a modern area rug, the motive is to make your interiors look beautiful and pleasant. Shaggy Moroccan geometric rugs too can help you achieve this. If you have white walls and dark colored furniture, then consider buying this white & grey colored Moroccan rug in diamond pattern to create a beautiful contrast. These shag rugs are very soft and comfortable and can be used in summer and winter both. The best thing about these rugs is that they fit well in the modern as well as traditional decor styles.

Your rug selection can play an important part in deciding the decoration scheme for a room. Always be clear with what color theme you are following for the room interior. You can check out maplehome to get a vast variety of modern geometrical rugs for your home.

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